Without engagement, the testimonial is not very effective.

The question is: does an unattractive advertisement, with weak copy and no clear strategy, still work thanks to the testimonial's fame, or does it not work at all?

Top adv spot of 2023: Apple dominates.

The campaign created for the launch of the new iPhone 14 featured various commercials highlighting the new features of the smartphone that suggested the 'pluses' compared to the competition: we have selected two of them.

Content marketing: social marketing without content

Content marketing is a form of advertising that involves creating valuable content designed to interest, engage, and thus acquire new potential customers. But what happens if a company has nothing particular to communicate?

Design and production of 3D videos

One of the most evident advantages of 3D videos is the ability to add depth and immersion to the visual experience. While traditional videos are confined to two-dimensionality, 3D videos allow viewers to fully immerse themselves in the scene, creating a sensory engagement that goes far beyond passive viewing.

30 years since the opening of Disneyland Paris

Two concepts expressed in one image: the stylized silhouette of Mickey Mouse and the number "30." The logo for the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris is one that grows more appealing the longer you look at it.


GM & Netflix: An agreement for "product placement"

GM has recently finalized and publicly disclosed an agreement with Netflix, which will increasingly feature the electrified lineup of the American giant in its film productions moving forward.

The Sculptor

20 years since the airing of the commercial, better known as "The Sculptor."
The product is "sold" with the promise of a different lifestyle and social approval.

The creative process...


Our great-great-grandfather, a sign maker, at work in his studio in London.

The Music

The goal of a designer is to convey a message through a graphic composition that is as simple as possible (Less is more) so that it can be transformed "immediately" into a visual concept.

[image from instagram/enwirto]

Vancouver kiss

Photo taken in 2011 by Richard Lam for Getty Images.
"How many times must the cannonballs fly before they're forever banned?"  [cit.: Blowin' in the Wind -  Bob Dylan]

Sales or marketing: the difference

This early ad for my friend Alex Bogusky's agency in Miami makes a good point.
A smart strategy can take the same message and make it work better.
Thanks to Crispin&Porter Advertising

The photos that have marked an era

An iceberg, its shadow. A natural picture divided into 4 equal parts.
Photo by David Burdeny.

From: "lefotochehannosegnatounepoca"

Design thinking process

A simple sign expressing a complex concept.
Any reference to the abuse of tranquilizers in the world of communication is purely coincidental.

When the image is indispensable

Charles vs. Osbourne
Communication Science: Identifying a product solely by its description could create confusion; what matters is the image...

With passion and caffeine

With passion and caffeine... for us, it's not just a slogan.
And, most importantly, we know that there are no doping tests for designers

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