Content marketing: social marketing without content

Content marketing is a form of advertising that involves creating valuable content designed to interest, engage, and thus acquire new potential customers.
But what happens if a company has nothing particular to communicate?
Often, we encounter clients who describe their products without highlighting a "plus," as they claim that the features are not so different from those of the competition.
This is the main reason why, when analyzing social media posts, there is an almost disarming uniformity in communication among competitors
So what to do?
In reality, the solution was found some time ago (1917): tasked with creating the communication for Lucky Strike, during the briefing, the company argued that, in the end, one brand was as good as another. The advertisers proposed the claim "It's toasted," which was a great success at the time (later also featured in the television series Mad Men).
Facing the objection that competitors also toasted tobacco, the agency replied, "but the competition doesn't say it!" The final claim was "It's toasted, to taste better." The company had significant results, so much so that it was used until the 1970s.
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